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LP Percussion - LP Udu Drum, Hadgini

LP Udu Drums possess distinct tonal qualities which range from subtle bass tones to soothing tabla-like tones. Their clay construction is based upon centuries-old African traditions. The name "Udu" has been derived from the Nigerian Ibo language, meaning "pottery".

Each LP Udu Drum offers individual tonal values. They can be played by hitting any part of the drum with the palm of the hand or the finger tips. The textured surfaces provide additional tonal variations by creating rubbing sounds.  The sound possibilities can be further expanded using the unique microphone ports found in each chamber. Small mics can be mounted for amplification and to capture the wondrous internal sounds.

LP Udu Drums are generally played in a seated position with the drum on the player's lap. They can also be played on a table top or floor using the included straw ring stands.

  • Developed by Frank Giorgini and percussionist Jamey Haddad
  • Dual chambered drum with an extended V-shaped air channel between two chambers
  • Rounded low chamber has a mellow, alto range while the triangular chamber has more bright and transparent sounds – similar to a clay tabla
  • Each chamber has different textures to add to the rubbing sounds that are possible

SKU Number: LP1400-HG
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LP Percussion - LP Udu Drum, Hadgini