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Shopping Questions:

Q) Is your online ordering secure?

A) Yes, our online shop is secure. We use the latest technology to insure that all of your personal information is as secure as the latest technology provides. In addition, please note that many credit card companies have online shopping protection on your cards! Call your credit card company for more information. I am sure they would be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have on this issue. In addition, all of your personal information will stay within the walls of Massmusic. We do not give out any personal information to any individual or business. Please email for any further questions.

Q) What are your methods of ordering?

  • Online: pay by credit card or paypal. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
  • Offline: Fax or mail in your payment. Pay by credit card, money order, cashier check, or paypal.
  • Phone: Phone in your order to 888-805-8004. Pay by credit card.

A) We have a few different ways of ordering. First and foremost, please feel free to give us a call. This is the best way to order at By calling you guarantee yourself that your order has been placed not only successfully, but it also ENSURES that you are getting the best price anywhere. Our customer service staff is more than happy to answer any questions you might have regarding your order or any other general questions you might have. So please give us a call! You can also shop right online. There are thousands of products online for you to choose from. If need be, we can also take an order via email. However, for security reasons we do not recommend that you give out credit card information via email, so calling in your order is your best bet to a safe and successful order. The last method of ordering is an offline order. Feel free to mail in an order to us. Our address is posted on the top of every web page. For your convenience, please feel free to use the online shopping cart to guide you through your order. Once all items have been selected into your shopping cart go ahead and check out. During this process you will be asked to checkout online or offline. Go ahead and check out offline. This will allow you to print out your order to send in with a cashiers check or money order. If you have any further questions just give us a call or email

Q) What are your methods of payment?

  • Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express
  • Money order and cashiers check
  • Paypal: Paypal customers must have a confirmed address with Paypal. Please see
  • on how to get your address confirmed if you don't have one already.

A) (USA) – offers many different ways to pay for your order. We take all four major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also take Paypal for those people who like to use their service. Paypal must show that you have a verified shipping address (contact Paypal for more information on making sure your shipping address is verified in their system). In addition to these options, we do accept money orders and cashiers checks for those people who would prefer to pay in cash. As for good old American Dollars, please refrain from sending hard cash through the mail due to the risk of loss. is not responsible for any lost cash that is sent in. Please email for any further questions.

A) (International) – We accept all four major credit cards (listed above). However, due to issues of fraud, we must insist that all international orders be shipped to the billing address on file at the issuing credit card institution. If a different shipping address is needed, the order must be paid with an international money order which can be purchased at any financial institution. We do accept payments made through Paypal for some countries, however you must email before ordering to verify that your country is listed. In addition, all Paypal payments must have a verified shipping address in Paypal's system (please contact Paypal to check if your shipping address is verified within their system). We DO NOT accept any Western Union payments (except money orders) or any sort of bank/wire transfers. Please contact for any further questions.

Q) Is a particular item in stock?

A) Unfortunately we do not stock every item. However, we are authorized dealers of every manufacturer that we represent on our site. Therefore we do have access to every product that any one given manufacturer offers. If you see a manufacturer on our site, then we can get their full line of products. In most cases all products, whether they are coming out of our warehouse here or from the manufacturer, normally ship within 1-3 business days from the order date. Please contact for any further questions.

Q) What if an item I order is not in stock?

A) In the case an item is not available in our warehouse or in the manufacturer's warehouse, you will be notified within roughly 24-48 hours from the time you placed your order. At this time we would be more than happy to set you up with another comparable option or refund you for the back ordered item. One of our founding philosophies is to get you the item you wanted at the best possible price. Therefore, if for some reason we cannot fill your order, we do want you to get the gear you need, even if you have to shop somewhere else. Please contact for any further questions.

Q) Can I special order an item and what is the process to do so?

A) By all means you can special order any item from any manufacturer that we represent. However, we do require that payment is made in full at the time of purchase. Special order times depend solely on the item order. This payment is nonrefundable, so please take careful consideration into your purchase and please take the time to contact a sales representative for further information. In addition please note that there is a no return policy on special order items. Please contact for any further questions.

Q) Am I charged a sales tax on my order?

A) At this time the Federal Government is not taxing the internet. Therefore, there is not sales tax on your order. However, Arizona residents will have a state sales tax of 6.3% added automatically to your order total. Please take careful note…this is where you save lots of cash! Please contact for any further questions.

Q) What is your return policy?

A) We allow 30 days from the date you received your gear to setup a return. All returns must have a return authorization number before making the return. To setup a return, email us at or call us at 888-805-8004 to obtain a return authorization and you will be given a return authorization number (R.A. number). Any goods returned will not be accepted without an authorization number. All original packing materials must be included, and merchandise must be in new condition. Customers are responsible for shipping items to Mass Music on all returns, unless they received a damaged or defective item and are exchanging it for another item of the same make and model. If you decide to return an item for exchange or refund, then you are responsible for any shipping and handling charges including shipping charges to your door for products that have free shipping. Refunds for any returned item will be deducted a restocking of 15% of the item value as well as any outbound shipping fees. Items returned for exchange or exchange credit toward a later purchase will not be assessed a restocking fee. Items returned for exchange or exchange credit toward a later purchase will be credited for the full item value minus any outbound shipping charges.

Returns are not allowed for Special Order Items. Special order items are those which are not readily available and must be ordered from the manufacturer. Special Orders require roughly 90-120 days for delivery time from the order date and these transactions are not cancellable. We require a nonrefundable full deposit on all special order items. Should a Special Order Item be delivered in damaged or defective condition, the situation will be resolved by a claim with the shipping courier or on warranty with the manufacturer.

We can't do returns for the following items: drum heads, drum sticks, individual drums, harmonicas, books, videos, software, cleaning products, small parts and accessories.

We allow returns on the following items but have to charge for it:
- cymbals: 5% of sale price

Returns address: Returns, RA #
2045 S Holly
Denver, CO 80222


Q) Why do we have items that require a call or email for price?

A) Do to forces beyond out control we are sometimes regulated by the manufacturers as to the price in which we can post on our site. However, here at we like to sell you gear at the best possible price... which many times is below the price stated by the manufacturer. Feel free to call or email us on any price, posted or not, and we will do all we can to get you the best price. Please contact for any further questions.

Q) Do you beat competitor's prices?

A) Here at we always try to give you the best price possible. We are fully authorized dealers and because of our top level discounts with these suppliers we are able to compete competitively with all of our competitors. In most instances we can beat a price. If beating a price is not possible, we at least try to match a competitor's price. Each price beater is done on a case by case basis. If you need to place a price beater, please click here

Note: we cannot do price beaters on live auctions (Ebay, Craig's List, Amazon, etc.).  Why?  It is impossible to know the end price.

Q) Do you do custom price quotes?

A) By all means can we provide you with a custom quote! That is what we are all about! Giving you the best possible price is only half what we do best. Our customer service staff is more than willing to work with you one on one as if you were standing in our store. Please click here for a custom quote. Please contact for any further questions.

Q) How do promo codes and store coupons work?

A) At checkout, there is a field that says "enter promotional code". Simply enter your promo in the field. If you happen to have a promo code and it isn't working for whatever reason, please call us at 888-805-8004, and we would be glad to apply the promo code over a phone order. Due to vendor pricing guidelines, promo codes and store coupons aren't good for all product lines. Please see the exception list here .

Q) Do you have a privacy statement?  How do you use email addresses?

A) Yes, we do.  We will never give away or sell your personal info to anyone at anytime.  We only use it to keep you updated on special deals and promotions.  Sent about every 2 weeks.  Click here for our privacy statement.

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Shipping Questions:


Q) What shipping methods do you use?

A) (Continental USA) - We utilize DHL, FedEx, and UPS ground services for standard orders. If you need expedited shipping, we can offer 3 day air, 2 day air, as well as next day air in most cases. Please call us at 888-805-8004 for rates and availability.

A) (Alaska / Hawaii) – We utilize DHL and USPS for all shipments going to Alaska or Hawaii depending on size and weight restrictions. Shipping rates vary by zip code. Please contact for more information.

Q) How long does delivery take?

A) Most in stock items ship out in 1-3 business days from the date we receive payment. Ground shipping will then take 1-5 business days depending on your location. Please allow 4-8 business days from payment date for delivery. In the event that your order will be delayed for any reason, we will notify you within 24-48 hours. Please note that we do not ship on weekends or holidays.

Q) How much does it cost?

A) We charge $12.99 shipping and handling regardless of order size. We do add additional shipping charges on large and oversize items. These items include drum sets, large hand drums, hard case drum cases, individual drums, guitars, and amps.


Q) What shipping methods do you use?

A) We utilize DHL for most orders going outside the USA. In some rare instances we will use USPS depending on size and weight restrictions. We primarily use DHL because we have negotiated rates with DHL that are far less than FedEx or UPS and are comparable to USPS Global Express. In our experience, DHL offers service that is superior to the carriers mentioned above. For Canadian customers, we ship via UPS Ground only.

Q) How much does it cost?

A) For an international shipping quote, please click here , with the following information.

Q) Will I have to pay any duties / taxes / VAT?

A) Most countries do charge taxes on imports. DHL or one of their agents will collect upon delivery. As rates vary from country to country, please contact your local authorities for current rates as we do NOT possess any of this information.

Q) How long does delivery take?

A) Most international orders ship in 4-7 business days from the date when we receive payment. DHL requires 3-5 business days from there to deliver items to most destinations. Please allow 8-12 business days from date of payment for delivery unless otherwise noted. In the event that your order will be delayed for any reason, we will notify you within 24-48 hours. Please note that we do not ship on weekends or holidays.

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Tracking and Order Status Questions:

Q) Can I track my order online via

A) At this time we do not have an order tracking function built into the website

Q) How can I track my order?

A) If you would like a tracking number on your order, please go to and fill out the form, making sure to include your full billing name, email address, order date, and order number. Please wait at least three (3) business days before submitting a request and allow up to two (2) business days for a response.

Q) How come it takes so long to get a tracking number?

A) Unlike other larger sites, we do not ship from a central warehouse location. Instead, we have two retail locations and several smaller warehouse locations throughout the country. We also drop-ship from the manufacturer whenever possible to keep your costs down and to retain inventory for local customers; because of this method, it often takes several business days after an order is placed for tracking information to become available to our staff.

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Other common questions:

Q) Do you have a physical store front as well?

A) Yes, we do. Our local store front is located in Tempe, Arizona.

Q) Do you have a catalog?

A) We do not have a print catalog. Right now, our only catalog is online. However, we are working on this and will have a catalog that can be mailed out soon.

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Q) What is Mass Cash, and how does it work?

Mass Cash is just like a FREE gift certificate that you can use at anytime for future orders. Orders being placed using Mass Cash gift cards must be phoned in to 888-805-8004.

You place an order today, selecting $60 Mass Cash as your free bonus. From there, you will have $60 Mass Cash on your account to use. In the future, you call to place a new order for gear with a total of $100. Since you have $60 in Mass Cash on your account, you will only be billed for $40 ($100 new gear total - $60 in Mass Cash). Sweet.

Restrictions and rules:
- Mass Cash gift cards expire 1 year after the order date.
- Mass Cash can't be used towards the purchase of Zildjian cymbals.


Contact Methods:

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Local Phone: 480-425-1109
Fax: 425-962-4137

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