Different Music Equipment And How To Take Care Of Them?

It’s said whether you learn to drive a car or not, you should know how to maintain do repair it. Same stands true for musical instruments as well. If you play an instrument, you should know how to repair it.

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Different Music Equipment And How To Take Care Of Them?

Here is the list of few instruments and the way in which you can take care of them:

  1. Wind Instruments: These are the instruments which are played by blowing air in it such as flutes, clarinets etc. Here are the tips to maintain them.
  • Use a clean and dry cloth to clean the instrument rather than a damp one because the instrument made of wood may get moisture and ultimately damage.
  • Always wipe the mouth part of the instrument just after using it.
  • Don’t eat anything before playing the instrument as it might get food articles blown into the instrument.

If there is a need for assembling in any instrument, then it’s a good idea to clean the joints first.

  1. Brass Instruments: These instruments are used generally as a band or retro instruments. Some of them are trombone, trumpets etc.
  • These instruments are generally easy to dismantle. It’s better to clean them frequently part by part.
  • After cleaning all the screws should be tight enough as they are supposed to be.

It better not to use brass for your instruments. It’s a chemical used for bringing shine in your instrument.

  1. Key Instruments: These instruments have keys which are pressed to bring out the melodies. Some of these instruments are pianos, synthesize, harmonium etc.
  • It is a must to cover the keys of the instrument when the instrument is not being used.
  • The instruments should be covered with plastics or with an instrument-friendly cover.
  • Jammed keys should be repaired only by skilled personnel not just by anyone.
  1. String Instruments: These are the instruments which have strings in them to get played. Some of them are guitar, violin etc.
  • To take care of them, you should always use a dry cloth to cleanse it.
  • Since most of these instruments are wooden, the requirement of regular polish to maintain the lustre of the wood is required.
  • You must be careful with the place where you are keeping the instruments so that they don’t fall and get damaged.

There are many tips that have to be kept in mind apart from the above mentioned, but the above ones are basic that everyone should know about.