Taking Care of Your Musical Instruments

It’s insufficient to be a music artist, in the event that you need to have the best from your gear it must be kept in the best condition! All musical gears are correctly manufactured and require a touch of TLC to remain in their prime condition. Poor care of the gear leads to a problem in playing and can bring about the damage to it that requires costly repairs.

Use the following key points to keep your gear in a better condition and safe:

 General care

  • Keep your gear in its box and reserve it in a sheltered place where it won’t be sat on or knocked. Most damages occur when the gear is left out of its box without any care.
  • Don’t keep music, books or other things in your gear box – unless there is a different pocket for them.
  • Don’t leave your gear exposed to daylight or warmth, for example, a radiator on a hot day.

Before playing

  • When you are assembling your gear, attempt to grasp it from a few keys area. This will stop the fragile joints present inside being harmed. Unique care ought to be brought with a saxophone for the octave system which effectively bent.
  • Stopper joints, similar to the mouthpiece junction on a saxophone, require regular oiling. For a new joint, it’s good to oil each time you play for some initial practice. Besides this, you just need to oil at regular intervals.
  • Permit your gear to adapt on the off chance if you are coming in cold. Puffing warm air into an icy instrument could harm it.
  • Try not to have food just before you are going to play, you’ll blow food particles into your gear and it will begin to smell! It will corrode within your instrument. Ensure that you must dry hands after washing completely before you play.


  • Get your instrument dirt-free routinely and according to the guidelines from the manufacturer. Many music shops offer a scope of delicate cleaning fabrics and some tube cleaners. Keep in mind that you must not keep clammy materials for the situation, as they can exchange dampness back to the gear.
  • Dry your instrument from inside after you play. Leaving within soggy will bring about the cushions to rot. In the event that your gear is wooden, dampness may bring about the wood to split and the gear will get to be distinct of no use.
  • Silver plated keys and gears must be cleaned with a silver fabric. Don’t use fluid silver or metal cleaner, (for example, Brasso or Silvo) they are very sticky and could bring about your keys to stick.
  • Abstain from rubbing of the front edges of the cushions when cleaning the gear; it is the greatest reasons for cushion wear.

Keep in mind:

Don’t attempt to settle an issue yourself, you could bring about significantly greater damage. Tell your instructing Officer when you think there is an issue.